Understanding pollination processes between bees and flowers

Scientists studying pollination mechanisms have honours, masters, PhD and postdoctoral research projects available.

Researchers are interested in understanding the molecular basis of extrorse anther outcrossing mechanism in flowering plants.

Bee flower image

We have discovered a novel outcrossing mechanism in flowering plants. This fascinating mechanism is thought to promote insect-pollinator interactions within the Brassica family, and possibly in other flowering plants. 

For honours, a research project can be tailored to your interests and could involve either:

  • a molecular ecology based project determining pollen and insect interactions, plant molecular genetics and bioinformatics to study the conservation and function of the gene; or
  • plant synthetic biology project to determine function.


Researcher photo Iain Searle


Dr Iain Searle

Research area: Epigenetics and plant reproductive biology - Australia-China Joint Research Centre of Grains for HealthSchool of Biological Sciences

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Molecular and Biomedical Science

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