2020 Research awards

Each year, the faculty rewards researchers who show outstanding achievements in their fields.

Early Career Research Excellence Award

Awarded to an early career research member of female staff - Edith Dornwell Medal - and a member of male staff - Daniel Walker Medal - both up to five years post PhD (based on date of graduation)*.

Mid-Career Research Excellence Award

Awarded to a member of staff between 5 and 15 years post-PhD, based on their record and potential in excellent research, leadership ability, and potential to leave an enduring legacy, relative to opportunity.

Year Recipient
2020 Dr Danny Wilson
2019 Associate Professor Lee Arnold
2018 Dr Laura Weyrich
2017 Professor Matthew Gilliham
2016 Associate Professor Paul Jackson
2015 Associate Professor Christian Doonan
2014 Dr Beverly Mühlhäusler
2013 Associate Professor Phillip Cassey
2012 Professor Corey Bradshaw
2011 Professor Barry Brook / Professor Gordon Howarth
2010 Professor Andy Lowe

Research Leadership Award 

(Previously known as the Award for Distinguished Contribution to Research)

Year Recipient
2020 Professor Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem
2019 Professor Matthew Gilliham
2018 Professor Alan Collins
2015 Professor Andy Lowe
2014 Professor James Paton
2013 Professor Bronwyn Gillanders
2012 Professor Tony Thomas
2011 Professor Jeremy Timmis
2010 Professor Mark Tester

Partnership Development Award

(Previously known as Emerging Industry Research Partnership Award)

Year Recipient

Dr Michelle Guzik for forging key partnerships in environmental monitoring and assessment with Rio Tinto, BHP, Chevron Australia, Bennelongia Pty Ltd, Biota Environmental Pty Ltd, South Australian Museum, Western Australian Museum, WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, WA Department of Water and Environmental Regulation and the WA Biodiversity Research Institute.

2019 Dr Alice Jones for her project ‘Coastal Carbon Opportunities: Demonstrating additionality and potential for future offsets in South Australia’, which was supported by the Goyder Institute for Water Research, SA Water, the Environment Institute, Edith Cowan University, South Australian Environment Protection Authority and CSIRO, with additional partnership links into the South Australian Government Department for Environment and Water.
2018 A/Prof Martin O'Connor and team for the Sapphire Clock Defence Partnership with the DST Group.
2017 Dr Stephen Warren-Smith and the high temperature sensing team in the School of Physical Sciences for their work with SJ Cheesman, Trajan Scientific and Medical, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 
2015 Hybrid Wheat Breeding Team in the ACPFG at the Waite for their work with DuPont Pioneer - led by Dr Ryan Whitford and Dr Ute Baumann
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