Geoscientist’s research hits the mark

Dr Carmine Wainman from the Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources has received two major recognitions for his research.

Dr Carmine Wainman

The first is Carmine’s publication investigating the frontier Mentelle Basin in collaboration with the International Ocean Discovery Programme (IODP).

The article was selected as one of the most read and most cited of 2020 for the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. His research offers the first detailed glimpse into the geology below seafloor offshore of southwestern Australia, a region that was once attached to Greater India 170 million years ago. 

The second is his recent review article investigating techniques on how best to best understand the evolution and character of ancient river systems through geologic time. Published in Marine and Petroleum Geology, the publication was the third most downloaded article between December 2020 and February 2021.

His work will have major implication on predicting locations to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emissions.

About Dr Carmine Wainman

Dr Carmine Wainman is a Grant Funded Researcher supported by the Department for Energy and Mines.

He is currently integrating sedimentology, stratigraphy and seismic data from the subsurface to locate future potential sites for carbon and hydrogen storage in the South Australian portion of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin. 

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