Mechanical Engineering graduates from 1971 welcomed onto campus

“A bit has changed in the last 50 years!”

This was the sentiment for all 12, 1971 Mechanical Engineering graduates who came back to campus on Thursday 6 May 2021 to celebrate their Golden Jubilee anniversary.

Professor Anthony Zander welcomed the graduates and provided them with a snapshot of student life today, from facilities through to online teaching.

The cohort was then treated to a tour around the School by Professor Anthony Zander, Associate Professor Rini Akmeliawati and Dr Azadeh Jafari. The corridors were still the same – but that’s where it stopped!

All who attended recalled fond memories of their student days and some of their extra-curricular activities including hanging two cars from the Uni Foot bridge; apparently the first attempt failed, with the conclusion being that a Morris Minor is not water-proof! The second attempt was a little more successful.

The 12 alumni represented a graduating cohort of 22 Mechanical Engineering graduates from 1971, several making the trip from interstate for the occasion.

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