Improving plant process in a key Jurlique ingredient

Honours in Plant science

Jurlique is an international cosmetic company based in Mylor, Adelaide Hills, producing a range of high quality skin care products using biodynamic principles.

Always looking to improve and optimise processes and quality, Jurlique are keen to investigate one of their key root crop lines, by undertaking a complete extraction and analysis of the root.

This would lead to a refinement of processes and looking more deeply at the growth stage of the plant during harvest to optimise timing and type of material (fresh vs dried) and compare to native Australian species of the same plant type. As always, biodynamic principles underpin all plant production at Jurlique. 

Along with developing research skills, the project is likely to develop skills in:

  • Phenotyping and yield assessments
  • Extractions
  • Monosaccharide analysis (including HPLC and enzymatic assays)
  • Microscopy
  • Biodynamic Principles and working with industry

Working with Jurlique, this project offers a great opportunity for an industry based, hands on project, that combines horticultural production with chemistry, and the excitement of something really new and different.

Work will be undertaken in Professor Rachel Burton’s lab at Waite campus with some work out at Jurlique with Adam Hall, Jurlique Plant Specialist.



Dr Kate Delaporte - Curator, Waite Arboretum

Co-supervisors: Professor Rachel Burton | Adam Hall - Jurlique

Research area: Waite Arboretum, School of Agriculture Food & Wine

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Plant Science

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