Grant to support transformative research

Professor Derek Abbott from the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering has been named Australian Research Council (ARC) 2024 Australian Laureate Fellow for his work in transforming terahertz biosensing.

Derek Abbott

Derek Abbott

Professor Abbott of the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering received $3,739,790 to create next-generation sensors for rapid detection. His project, Advancing the Frontiers of Detection: Ultrasensitive Terahertz Sensing, aims to transform terahertz biosensing, creating next-generation sensors for use in security, forensics and space exploration.

“Terahertz radiation lies between microwaves and infrared - it can uniquely ‘fingerprint’ or identify substances,” he said.

“This ground-breaking program will investigate terahertz-matter interaction together with sensor design based on advanced materials, breaking current terahertz detection limits. This will enable rapid substance identification with precision at trace levels.”

Professor Anton Middelberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research) at the University of Adelaide congratulated Professor Abbott on his success.

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