Industry-Research Partnerships

The School of Agriculture, Food and Wine has a strong track record of building research partnerships with industry, government and other organisations to deliver outcomes that directly impact both the Australian and global agricultural sectors.

Partnership case studies

Making high value products from agricultural waste

Agricultural waste

Our researchers form an integral part of the RC-APD which brings together nine South Australian-based companies from the agriculture and food sector, and nine national and international academic institutions and industry partners to develop high-value products from agricultural waste.

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Durum breeding for pasta production

image of Jason Able and durum wheat

Since the 1990s, our researchers have been working with The San Remo Macaroni Company and the Southern Australia Durum Growers Association to develop new durum wheat varieties that are suited to the growing conditions in southern Australia and have the desired qualities for production of high-quality pasta.

Today, the southern region of Australia is producing durum wheat and pasta of such high quality it is being snapped up around the globe.

Almonds bred for Australian conditions

image of michelle wirthensohn with almond tree

The Australian Almond Breeding Program has been a successful collaboration between The University of Adelaide and the Almond Board of Australia and it’s growers since 1997.

The recent development and commercial release of six new almond varieties bred for Australian conditions will help the industry maintain a competitive edge in both local and overseas markets.

New fertilisers for better crop outcomes

image of a plant

The Fertiliser Technology Research Centre (FTRC) was established in 2007 via a partnership between The University of Adelaide and The Mosaic Company.

With expertise in soil chemistry, fertiliser technology and plant nutrition, we develop new fertiliser products and technologies for better, more sustainable crop and environmental outcomes.

Backyard friendly Eucalypt varieties

image of eucalyptus flowers

Our researchers have been working with the horticulture sector in a long-running project to breed new ornamental Eucalypt varieties for the garden and nursery sector.

The result is small Eucalypt trees that can fit into our backyards, so that we can have native trees with their habitat provision and support for our native birds and animals but without the perceived risks of big trees in small backyards.

Vineyard irrigation for better wine in warmer climates

image of vineyard irrigation

Research in collaboration with Wine Australia has investigated the best cooling techniques to lower grapevine canopy temperatures during heatwaves. Dramatic results were found when applying specific cooling techniques rather than just leaving the everyday irrigation running for longer.

This has implications for vineyard irrigation and wine production in warmer climates.

New products from food waste streams

image of dip

Together with Potatoes South Australia, our researchers have successfully developed a stable puree product from potato waste streams that would otherwise go to landfill.

The puree will be commercialised as a nutrient-rich ingredient for foods specially formulated for infants and the elderly.

Image of monica Ogierman

Partner with us

To find out more about working with us, please contact Monica Ogierman, Strategic Partnerships Manager in the Faculty of Sciences. Monica specialises in fostering strategic and beneficial relationships between universities, business, industry, government and research organisations.  

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