Biometry Hub: Shiny for Beginners workshop

What is Shiny?

Shiny is a package that allows R users to create interactive and dynamic web-based applications, without requiring an understanding of HTML or CSS.

What benefit can I gain from learning Shiny?

Today's world emphasises collaboration between a diverse range of interested stakeholders. Apps that can be used by a broad audience require specialist knowledge and justification of the 
additional time and cost to create. The ability to create working, usable applications can also be used as a proof of concept for further development.

Shiny allows you to:

  • Implement a new algorithm in day-to-day business.
  • Visualise and explore data in real time for various meeting requirements.
  • Process data in-field to aid preliminary observations.
  • Give un-trained stakeholders the ability to communicate complex results to others.

This workshop will give you the ability to create an interactive application that can be used by people with minimal computing knowledge, along with the skills to continue learning and building more complex Shiny apps.

Who is this workshop for? 

Any R users can benefit from this workshop.  From those who are writing a thesis to those whose day-to-day job is data exploration and testing.

Prerequisite skills for the workshop

You will not be required to have an understanding of specific R functions or packages for this workshop, other than general R skills.  The workshop will cover 1) Loading a dataset into R, 2) Tidyverse or base R commands to manipulate the data, 3) Creating interactive output like plots and tables, 4) Downloading output from the app.


General public University staff and students

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