Facilities and Services

Our Waite campus is home to world-class facilities for research and teaching in agriculture, food and wine. 

Food Innovation Laboratory

Built in 2021-22, the new Food Innovation Laboratory features a 90-seat tutorial room for sensory and theory sessions, an 18-seat meeting discussion room, a 50-person teaching kitchen and eight sensory booths for perception studies.

Hickinbotham Roseworthy Wine Science Laboratory

The winery was built by the University with generous support from the Hickinbotham family. The facility – built to standard commercial winery size and specification – houses wine science teaching programs and research. Up to 120 tonnes of fruit are processed annually and 70% of Australia’s wine research is conducted on-site.  

Australian Plant Phenomics Facility

The Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF) provides researchers, industry and students with open access to state-of-the-art plant phenomics technologies, tools and expertise not available at this scale or breadth in the public sector anywhere else in the world.  


Established in 2022 as a research and teaching facility, the microbrewery features $100,000 of new equipment that plays a critical role in teaching and research. The microbrewery facilitates collaboration between engineers and Agriculture, Food and Wine scientists in the barley breeding, malting, and brewed/fermented beverages space.  

Adelaide Analytical

Adelaide Analytical, established at the Waite campus, provides researchers with fast, accurate results on plants, food and beverage analyses. The facility includes a full suite of state-of-the-art instrumentation for qualitative and quantitative analyses of non-volatile and volatile compounds in a wide range of matrices.  

Adelaide Microscopy

Located across the University and at the Waite campus, Adelaide Microscopy delivers a wide range of the most technologically advanced instrumentation and scientific support services for the agriculture, food and wine industry. 

Membrane Transporter Expression Facility (MTEF)

For applications in drug discovery and protein engineering, the MTEF enables expression of genes (plant or animal) in a cell system to be robotically screened for various membrane transport activities. 

Biotechnology and fermentation facility

The state-of-the-art facility aims to improve the performance of yeast and bacteria to enhance the winemaking process. This includes the evaluation of fermentation additives and treatments, and the rapid evaluation of a large number of novel strains. 

Food product development

Based in state-of-the-art facilities, the food product development team offers a wide range of food R&D capabilities, supporting companies and research projects with ingredient development, product development, sensory testing, quality testing, claims support, and shelf-life testing.