Research Strengths

Natalie Betts barley grain - Journal of Experimental Botany

Adelaide Glycomics supports fundamental and applied aspects of glycoscience research.

We enable the fine characterisation of glycans from any biological origin and at every structural level, from sugar composition to 3-dimensional organisation, reactivity, function and physico-chemical properties.

Scientists from across the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine bring together their multidisciplinary skills and expertise to form the Glycoscience Research Group.

Image: Comparative morphology of the aleurone layer and scutellum of mature and germinated barley grain - Journal of Experimental Botany. View larger image.

Key themes

Food quality and nutrition

  • Functional food
  • Control of food properties
  • Health-promoting grains for food and beverages
  • Impact of glycans on the gut microbiome
  • Food for infants

Agriculture, microbial and plant sciences

  • Managing and adding value to waste streams generated by agriculture
  • Understanding plant cell wall structure and metabolism for improvement of agricultural crops
  • Plant developmental biology

Wine sciences

  • Controlling the composition and quality of wines

Marine biorefinery

  • Structural and functional carbohydrate-based materials for multiple applications including, e.g., cosmetics, composite materials, scaffolding structures, aerogels, hydrogels, films, emulsions, drug delivery systems, bioactive surfaces (biosensing & biofouling).

Biopharmaceutical, therapeutic and human health applications

  • Controlled therapeutic molecule uptake/release from biomaterial surfaces
  • Development of new methods for disease and cancer diagnosis and management

Study with us

Available honours projects

Rhizopus arrhizus: Fantastic fungi and how to control them

Honours project: Rhizopus arrhizus is a fast-growing fungus that spoils our food - it also has a huge biotechnological potential.

Made-in-SA: Advanced materials derived from local growers’ agricultural waste

Honours project: Turn fruit and vegetable waste into functional products

Design of biomimetic coatings to understand plant-pathogen relations

Honours project: Investigate how plant fungal pathogens adhere to and infect plant surfaces.

Structural studies of cell wall proteins involved during pathogenesis

Honours project: Study the structure of fungal cell wall proteins using ion mobility mass spectrometry and X-ray crystallography.

Genomic analysis of fungal cell wall synthesis

Honours project: Examine which sugars are made by different fungal species as cell wall components through genomic analysis.

Modulation of the plant defence response by the fungal extracellular matrix

Honours project: Investigate the relationship between fungal plant pathogen secretions and the plant defence response