The sky’s the limit

Phoebe De Wilt

The sky’s the limit: Phoebe De Wilt

We all do it, but to Phoebe De Wilt discussing the weather is more than just a way to pass time with a stranger.

As an aviation forecaster, her take on the weather guides thousands of travellers and pilots to a safe landing. 

After finishing high school with a keen interest in space and physical sciences, Phoebe studied the Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics) and saw it as an opportunity to learn it all. 

She now provides meteorological forecasts for airports and areas all over NSW and the ACT, and has daily conversations with pilots and air traffic controllers about the impact of weather on flights. 

Join us for her conversation with presenter Sarah Davidson as she talks about her love of science; why she is happy to have let go of her childhood dream to travel to space; and the study pathway that has led her to be in her element.

Phoebe De Wilt looking at weather patterns
“We are all scientists. We are all walking through this life looking at things around us, observing what’s going on, and that’s what science is.”Phoebe De Wilt - Aviation Meteorologist, Bureau of Meteorology

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