Walk on the guide side

In their element | Pip Edwards, Puppy Education Supervisor at the Royal Society for the Blind with Lulu

Walk on the guide side: Lulu and Pip

Pip transforms people’s lives on a daily basis, one puppy at a time.

After completing her Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) she could hardly believe it when she landed her dream job (and almost everyone else’s!) as a puppy education supervisor with the Royal Society for the Blind. 

Now she oversees the training of pups destined to become guide and assistance dogs in our communities. 

Pip supports each puppy’s every furry step; from their birth, which she is present at, to their graduation. She also led the development of a program called Operation K9, which provides assistance dogs to Veterans of the Australian Defence Forces who suffer from PTSD.  

Join us for her conversation with presenter Sarah Davidson as she explains the superpowers of a dog’s nose, why she chose to work with animals instead of being an engineer, and the challenges of training people, as well as dogs!

“The dogs mean so much to clients, and it could just be them telling you that they went to the shops for the first time by themselves which they never could have done before."Pip Edwards - Graduate of the BSc (Animal Science)

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