A good time to cell

A good time to cell: Reuben Jacob

A good time to cell: Reuben Jacob

Reuben’s fascination with biology and the human body was sparked when he broke his arm at school and saw the doctors at work on his injury. 

After narrowly missing out on entry into medical school, his uncle suggested he travel from his home country of India to Australia, where our biotechnology industry was booming.  

A great piece of advice, as he now works at the intersection of science and business as an Innovation Manager for the biotechnology company, Bellberry. His work involves taking research from the lab to the market.  

As someone who loves solving puzzles, Reuben chose to major in genetics within his Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), and make genetics the focus of his honours year. 

Join us for his conversation with Sarah Davidson as he discusses how biotechnology harnesses nature’s toolbox for the good of mankind, his plight to beat ovarian cancer after losing his grandmother to the disease, and the thrill of constant discovery.

“The reason why I came into research and have now transitioned into industry was all because I want to be somebody that makes a difference for the patient.”Reuben Jacob - Innovation Manager, Bellberry

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