Advanced yeast for challenging bioprocesses

Research projects are available to test new and improved yeast strains to advance winemaking and other biotechnology processes.

The world's largest biotech processes - biofuels, brewing, baking, winemaking, and some pharmaceuticals - are dependent on yeast.

Superior or more tailored yeast with greater robustness or specific attributes are always in demand.

Winemaking is arguably one of the harshest growth environments for yeast due to its low pH, high osmolarity, nutrient limitation, high ethanol content and temperature extremes. What we learn about improving or selecting improved strains for winemaking has relevance to other processes.

We have been using a range of approaches to find more robust or tailored strains: isolation from the field, gene editing using CRISPR, directed evolution, mutagenesis and screening, and seen great success with many of these.

Consequently we have large collections of candidate strains which we wish to evaluate using high through-put robotic screening systems alongside metabolic and transcriptional analysis of candidate strains. Specifically we seek to match yeast strains to particular bioprocessing challenges or opportunities.

The ideal candidate will have microbiology or chemistry skills, a methodical approach, good data processing, and interpersonal skills.. The position would be suited to Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Advanced), Bachelor of Viticulture and Oeonology or similar student, who is able to participate in field work.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Professor Vladimir Jiranek to discuss. It is possible this position may be supported by a scholarship through the Playford Trust.


Vladimir Jiranek researcher photo


Professor Vladimir Jiranek

Co-supervisor: Dr Jennie Gardner

Research area: Wine science - School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Wine Science

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