Call of the wild

Jacob Maher

Call of the wild: Jacob Maher

Jacob Maher thinks you’re a scientist. In fact, he thinks we all are. 

He was sure his future was in zoology, but through his Bachelor of Science, he was introduced to ecology and was totally hooked by the wholistic viewpoint it offered. He was fascinated by the way it explains the interactions and connectedness of complex systems.

Now Jacob works in environmental sustainability where he has worked on studies that investigate how developmental impacts may affect human communities, as well as on native seed revegetation projects. 

Join us for his conversation with Sarah Davidson as he talks about sustainability in our urban environment, the different ways technology is changing the field of ecology and charismatic animals!

"When people say they don’t like science, it’s like saying they don’t like art. It’s just so versatile and I just think we are all scientists in a way.”Jacob Maher - Sustainability Officer

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