Congratulations on your acceptance to a degree at the University of Adelaide.

Here is all the important information you need to help you enrol properly. 

  • Accept your offer

    • If you haven't already, you need to accept your offer before you can commence the enrolment process.
    • If you applied through SATAC, you will need to accept your offer through the SATAC website.
    • If you have a non-SATAC offer, please refer to your original offer for instructions on how to accept.
  • Academic credit

    If you have already completed prior learning at another university or higher education institution then you might be eligible for credit towards your program.

    If your application is successful then the courses you need to enrol in might change, so it's best to get your application in as soon as possible.

    Am I eligible? Go to the credit estimator to see if you are eligible for credit. You will be able to apply once you have been through the estimator.

    Please contact our student support team for further information.

  • Study plans

    Every degree (and every major) has a dedicated Study Plan which is your best guide to understanding the requirements of your program.

    By taking each course in the order mapped out you will ensure that:

    • You will have gained the foundational knowledge for your advanced courses
    • You meet the all of the requirements of your degree
    • You finish your degree on time

    Study plans

    Are you an international student?

    If you’re a new international student and you have been given credit you may need an adjusted study plan taking account of any credit you’ve received for previous studies, or English language course requirements. We will provide this for you directly to your student email.

    Are you an Engineering Pathway Program student?

    If you are undertaking the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway program, you’ll need to enrol in the courses from your engineering degree of choice while ensuring you are making up your pre-requisites. Check the study plan of your desired degree to see what you will need to enrol into.

  • Prerequisites


    If you have not completed SACE Stage 2 Year 12 Specialist Mathematics or equivalent at high school, you must enrol into: 


    If you have not completed SACE Stage 2 Year 12 Physics or equivalent, please find your relevant option below:


    If you have not completed SACE Stage 2 Year 12 Chemistry or equivalent at high school or if you studied Chemistry in Year 12 and received a grade of C+ or SACE score below 13, must enrol into: 

    Prerequisites for enrolment into specific courses

    Some courses (aka subjects) have prerequisite requirements. This means you need to pass one course before enrolling into another.

    The enrolment system will sometimes allow you to enrol in courses that you have not fulfilled the prerequisites for. It is your responsibility to ensure you have fulfilled all pre-requisite requirements for the course you are enrolling into. 

    Check the prerequisites for each course using the University Course Planner.

  • Enrolment advice

    Choosing your courses and enrolling for the first time is complicated. We understand.

    If you aren't sure which courses to choose, how to interpret your Study Plan, or if you just want to have your selected courses checked before you finalise your enrolment, book an appointment with one of our Student Advisors.

    Please contact our student success team for further information.

  • Enrol

    How do I enrol?

    Once you know which courses you will be studying, its time to enrol. Access a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to enrolling in your chosen courses (start at Stage 1, Step 2).

    Find out more

  • Getting started at Uni

    Get started

    Here you will find information and a step by step guide to help you get started at University.

    Get started

  • Study load

    Your study load is determined by the number of units you are studying.

    Domestic students

    You may choose to study either part-time or full-time. Anything less than 9 units per teaching-period is considered part-time.

    International students

    You must complete your degree within the duration specified in your Confirmation of Enrolment. 

    You will need to enrol full-time to complete your degree on time. At the beginning of the teaching-period, you will be contacted if you are under-enrolled, but it remains your responsibility to ensure you’re correctly enrolled.

    Please contact International Student Support for any student visa-related enquiries.

  • Common enrolment problems

    Enrolment errors

    There are a number of common problems that can prevent you from enrolling successfully, please see the links below to the forms which can be utilised to resolve these issues:

    Enrolment error webforms

    Important information

    Enrolment priorities

    Please note: The Faculty Office priority in processing enrolment requests is to enrol students in their chosen courses but, not necessarily, in their chosen classes. As a result you may find that you are not enrolled in your preferred classes or that you have some unwanted timetable clashes.

    In a limited number of cases the Faculty Office may need to move students between classes to resolve timetable clashes for core courses or to manage unexpected changes to class schedules and staff availability. If your enrolment has to be changed you will be notified via email.

    Successful requests

    If you have been successfully enrolled in your chosen course, this will be shown on your enrolment list in MyAdelaide and you will be notified via email.

    Failed requests

    It is not possible to satisfy every enrolment request. A number of classes have fixed physical constraints that cannot be exceeded without removing other students. If we are unable to enrol you into your chosen course, you will be notified via email.

    Class time changes

    Please be aware that changes to timetables can occur up to the end of the first week of semester. While you can reasonably expect to be notified of late changes, sometimes this may not occur. Please check MyAdelaide prior to the start of each semester to confirm your class times.

  • Course information and timetabling resources

    Course Outlines

    Use Course Outlines to find information about courses offered by the University. Course Outlines will detail you what you will study, what your texts and resources will be, and how the course is assessed. You can search by subject area and term (semester). 

    University Course Planner

    Use the University Course Planner to find information about courses, including course fees and critical dates, such as the last day to enrol or withdraw. You can search by course title, subject area, catalogue number, semester and more. 

    University Calendar

    The University Calendar lists program rules and study plans for all programs. It will confirm the information on your study plan and show additional information that you may require.

    Level 2 BIOCHEM, GENETICS and MICRO practical information

    Students enrolled in any Level 2 BIOCHEM, GENETICS, MICRO courses also need to enrol in the practical component which is listed as a separate course SCIENCE_MBS Practical A or B or C. Find out which Practical to enrol into.

Need help?

  • Call: Enrolment Hotline 8313 3833
  • Email: enrol.help@adelaide.edu.au
  • Visit: get help in person at Ask Adelaide, Hub Central, Level 3, North Terrace Campus.