Forms and Policies

If you are a student of the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology, you will find relevant forms and policies below.

  • Enrolment errors

    Form Description
    Course/class full Use this form to request to be enrolled into a course or class that is full.
    Timetable clash resolution Use this form to request a resolution to clashes in your timetable, such as a clash between two lectures and no alternative times.
    Unit overload request Use this form to request enrolment into more than the allowed maximum number of units in a semester.

    Processing of enrolment error forms

    Processing times

    In the four weeks before each semester, more than 1000 enrolment error forms are lodged to the faculty, therefore significant delays are possible. Please allow five working days for your request to be processed, however in peak times this may be extended. Priority is given to requests submitted for the immediate semester.

    Enrolment priorities

    Please note: The faculty’s priority in processing enrolment requests is to enrol students in their chosen courses but, not necessarily, in their chosen classes. As a result you may find that you are not enrolled in your preferred classes or that you have some unwanted timetable clashes.

    In a limited number of cases the faculty office may need to move students between classes to resolve timetable clashes for core courses or to manage unexpected changes to class schedules and staff availability. If your enrolment has to be changed you will be notified via email.

    Successful requests

    If you have been successfully enrolled in your chosen course, this will be shown on your enrolment list in Access Adelaide and you will be notified via email.

    Failed requests

    It is not possible to satisfy every enrolment request. A number of classes have fixed physical constraints that cannot be exceeded without removing other students. If we are unable to enrol you into your chosen course, you will be notified via email.

  • Other enrolment forms and information

    Form Description
    University enrolment

    Information on and forms for:

    • amendment to enrolment for students
    • change of personal details
    • discontinuation of studies
    • leave of absence
    • cross-institutional/non-award
    • early enrolment
    Amendment to enrolment

    This form allows most students to request a retrospective change to their enrolment after census and critical dates have passed, to seek either a:

    • result change to Withdraw No Fail (WNF); or
    • course to be added.

    Select criteria apply.

    Course add late form For use only when adding courses after the last day to add online. It requires a course coordinator's signature before it can be processed by the faculty office.
    Course drop Information on how to drop a course..
    Non-award study Non-award students attend lectures and tutorials, and are assessed and examined with students who are completing undergraduate degrees. Please read the non-award study enrolment instructions prior to submitting your application.
    Prerequisite and co-requisite waiver form Use to apply for a waiver for a course with corequisites or prerequisites. A form must be submitted for each course.
    Practical/compulsory component exemption form

    Use to request exemption from practical components in courses.

    Missed compulsory component form – School of Physical Sciences Use this form if you missed a compulsory graded component of your course during the current semester due to medical or other reasons.
  • Academic forms

    Form Description
    Assessment task extension For students applying for an extension of an assessment item e.g. essay, assignment. Please note that all requests must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation and must be handed up to the relevant course coordinator.
    Completion request For eligible students to request out-of-session completion of their degree program.
    Credit transfer If you have studied at another institution, you may be eligible for credit towards your degree. You will need to ensure that you have an official transcript and course outlines if seeking credit for a specific course.
    Cross institutional studies (incoming) For students wishing to take approved courses at the University of Adelaide (the host institution) for credit towards studies at their home institution.
    Cross institutional studies (outgoing) For current University of Adelaide students wishing to undertake studies at another institution for credit towards their studies at the University of Adelaide.
    Degree check Information on how to request a degree check throughout your studies.
    Informal learning credit application form In some instances, you may be eligible for credit through work experience, volunteering or workplace training.
    Letter requests For students who require an official letter from the University confirming information such as enrolment details, study load, program completion status, conferral date or holiday dates.
    Variation to program rules

    This form is for use by students who wish to present an alternative course in lieu of a course listed in the academic program rules. Suitability will be assessed by the Program Directors (formerly called a permission to present).

    Supplementary exams (replacement/additional assessment) Use to request replacement/additional assessment exams. Please read the policies relating to supplementary exams before submitting your application. Requests for replacement/additional exams on compassionate grounds must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Taking a break or transferring programs

    Leave of absence

    We completely understand there are many reasons for taking a break from study. We strongly recommend that you contact the faculty office first, so that our friendly staff can provide you with accurate information about your options, some great alternatives, and advice on how to return later. You can choose to take a break for six or 12 months.

    If you have completed a semester of study and need to take a break, you must complete the below leave of absence form.

    If you are in a clinical program, approval from your program coordinator is required.

    Leave of absence forms

    These forms are for coursework students only. There are different forms for domestic and international students:

    Domestic coursework students - leave of absence

    International coursework students - leave of absence*

    *International students may need to discuss taking a break with International Student Support.

    How to transfer programs

    If you wish to transfer to another program at the University of Adelaide, chat with staff from AskAdelaide and complete an internal transfer application.

    Internal transfers

    How to discontinue your program

    If you no longer wish to continue your studies, you should withdraw from all of your courses via Access Adelaide, taking into account the critical withdrawal dates and then complete this form:

    Discontinuation of studies

  • Policies

    Policy Description
    Academic credit arrangements This policy sets out the principles for credit arrangements in coursework academic programs within the University of Adelaide.
    Academic Integrity This policy defines how to use and communicate information in an ethical and honest manner. It details the different types of academic misconduct and potential penalties.
    Academic progress by coursework students This policy applies to all students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.
    Modified Arrangements for Coursework Assessment (MACA) Policy

    This policy describes the modified arrangements that the University may provide if a student is unable to demonstrate their true level of competence in an assessment or examination due to significant or extenuating circumstances.

    Policy Directory An A to Z directory of all university policies.
    Program rules This is a comprehensive handbook of the academic program rules for students enrolled in the faculty.
    Student-related policies A one-stop-shop for all student-related policies—from assessment and exams, disability, fees and charges, to syllabuses and academic program rules, plus much more.
  • Research students

    Browse a full list of forms available to current research degree students on the Adelaide Graduate Research School website.

    Research student forms

  • Travel and field trips

    All travel that involves public transport modes or is greater than 50kms travel from Adelaide must be registered through this process for University insurance purposes.

    If you travel without an approved requisition you will be personally liable for any loss or damages incurred during your travel period.

    This process applies to research students, visitors to the university or if you are not a university corporate credit card holder and you need to undertake travel on university business.

    Please check local school procedures for any variations to these rules.

    Research students and visitors

    • All travel must be approved by the head of school and direct supervisor prior to travel.
    • All travel that has financial implications must be entered through the T&E system to allow for budget checking and approval.
    • Fill in a notification to travel form and have signed by your supervisor.
    • Send to your School office for processing.
    • Read more about University travel.

    Field trips

    • Details of the field trip must be signed off by supervisor with names of students and details of the trip (if your supervisor is the head of school please note this on your form, a signature will not be required).
    • If you are a cardholder, scan the completed field trip form and attach to your travel request.
    • If you are a non-cardholder or use a nominee, send the completed form to your travel arranger/ account nominee.
    • Complete any/all additional HSW requirements for field trips.

    Need support?

    Please make contact with your School Office for assistance with Travel arrangements.

  • Animal and Veterinary Science

    Form Description
    Q Fever vaccination information sheet  For all students.
    Vaccination guidelines For all students.
    Animal and Veterinary sciences - Absence from Compulsory Teaching Activity  For students who need to apply to be absent from a compulsory teaching activity, such as a tutorial, workshop, practical or DVM rotation class.
    Leave of absence For Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students students applying for a leave of absence or an extension to their current leave of absence.
    Inherent requirements - veterinary bioscience and veterinary medicine For all students undertaking the Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Student Feedback

    We encourage students to provide feedback on their course and campus experiences that explicitly relate to the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology.
    Student feedback can assist the Faculty in identifying areas for course and program improvements or to acknowledge and elevate positive impacts on the student experience with the Faculty that should be exemplified across the whole student body.

    Student Feedback Form