Application for Academic Credit

If you have studied at another institution, you may be eligible for credit towards your degree.

Before submitting an application for academic credit consideration, please familiarise yourself with the Academic Credit Arrangements Policy.

Eligible academic credit

Unspecified credit Unspecified credit may be applied towards the elective course requirements of a program, as applicable. If you apply for specified credit and are not approved, or do not indicate the type of credit you are applying for, your previous study will be considered for unspecified credit only.
Specified credit Specified credit may be applied towards a specific course run through the University of Adelaide. Applications for specified credit must outline previous study and the equivalent University of Adelaide course you are seeking credit for.

How to apply

Please note, as per the Academic Credit Arrangements Policy, applicants may apply for Credit at any time from submission of their application to be admitted to a Program at the University until ten business days before the last day that they are able to enrol online in the Course(s) for which Credit is being sought.

  • Credit for courses completed at another education provider

    1. Please download the credit application form.
    2. Rename the form with your student ID and name e.g. Credit Application Amy Brooksa123456.
    3. Fill out all course information for the courses you have previously completed, in addition to, the equivalent University of Adelaide courses you wish to obtain credit for.
    4. Ensure the required documentation (listed below) has been included in your application.
    5. Email to the Faculty of SET office at
    6. The Faculty office will forward your application on to an academic for assessment and then advise you of the outcome. We endeavour to have an outcome for you in approximately 2 weeks.

    Required documentation

    You will need to supply the following with your application:

    • Copies of either an official transcript or an unofficial transcript certified by your institution listing the course/s completed and grades achieved (including a description of the grading system). All overseas transcripts and course outlines must be certified copies of the original document translated into English. Please note: you must be able to provide copies of the original transcripts. Credit cannot be applied to your transcript without these being sighted.
    • You must attach syllabus descriptions of the course (s) for which credit is being sought. The description must include the contact hours, course structure, topics covered in the course, assessment tasks and textbooks used. You must submit copies of the syllabus as they appear in the Calendar/ Handbook of the relevant institution for the year you completed the course.
  • Credit for courses completed at the University of Adelaide

    You do not need to apply for credit for courses previously completed at Adelaide University within the last 10 years. These will be automatically included in your eligibility for graduation assessment.

    The following information will help you to work out if a course you have previously completed can be counted towards you new program:

    • Any courses with the same name will automatically be counted.
    • Elective courses in the new program can be filled by courses previously completed provided they meet the criteria outlined in the study plan. For example if the study plan says ‘general elective’ then it can be any course offered by the University of Adelaide however if it says “Level 3 Computer Science course’ it must meet that description
    • If a course in the new program is very similar to a course you have previously completed you will need to fill out a Variation to Program Rules and seek approval from the Program Director who will assess the suitability for substitution.