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Quantum Field Theory

Honours projects: Projects can be phenomenological or mathematical in character, or the focus may be on technique.

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Complex Systems

Honours projects: Projects focused on complex systems which are are typically comprised of a large number of interconnected components which interact collectively, leading to emergent behaviour, such as self-organisation, which is not apparent from the properties of the underlying components.

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Models of Hadrons & Hadronic Interactions

Honours projects: Projects using models such as NJL, or the MIT bag, to calculate hadron properties, to calculate reactions involving hadrons and to build quark models of atomic nuclei.

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Modelling and analysis of cell survival data from hadron therapy

Honours projects: Study honours in physics and help improve the accuracy of cancer treatment planning.

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Effective Field Theory

Honours projects: Developing innovative techniques which serve to guide and interpret research at international experimental facilities.

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Theoretical High Energy Physics

Honours projects: Available projects include supersymmetry (SUSY), GUTs, dark matter, extra-dimensional models, composite Higgs models, and scale invariant theories.

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High-energy Physics Phenomenology

Honours projects: Projects which combine experimental, computational and theoretical physics.

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Quantum technologies theory

Honours projects: Study with the Quantum Technologies Theory Group which specialise in applying quantum mechanics to emerging and future technologies.

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Nuclear Theory

Professor Anthony Thomas

Honours projects: Projects exploring the change of the properties of protons and neutrons and the impact of this on the dense matter and properties of neutron stars.

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